Food & Drink

Quality and freshness…

Discovering the best of food in West Cornwall is simply a matter of straying a few yards from the beaten path to find the producers for whom small is beautiful.

It’s so easy to find food here that has been produced on a small, more traditional scale: from rare-breed, native meats produced on family-owned farms, to the heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables grown on organic small-holdings.

Now is the time to savour the delights of West Cornwall as we offer some of the best dining experiences in the country. From al fresco dining at a beachside cafe, country house hotels in moorland settings to the bistro gourmet experience. The menu extends far beyond the clotted cream and pasties for which we are famous. From a bar meal in a pretty local inn to a gourmet meal in a country house hotel – Cornwall is home to some superb award winning chefs who are more than a match for the competition, either at home or abroad.

Sample the old-fashioned taste of Cornwall with a Cornish pasty – delicious beef, potato, turnip and onion. Or take a boat trip out fishing and catch your own supper! Make it complete with fresh food, locally sourced with traceable ingredients from farmers markets. In early spring try Cornish early potatoes too, sweet and tasty and picked in the fields near you just hours ago