Local Produce

The cream of Cornish cuisine…

Old-fashioned fare has not been abandoned – the best meat from local herds, the best game and poultry are still prepared in delicious ways. West Cornwall wine lists are also adventurous with selections from the Old and New World and for the ale-fancier, there’s a whole new world of innovative Cornish beers on tap, with some lip-smacking brews to enjoy.

Of course, if you want to sample the old-fashioned taste of Cornwall then try the famous Cornish pasty – delicious beef, potato, turnip and onion filling. And now choose from beef and stilton, spicy chicken, or lamb and mint from specialist pasty baking shops that are always to hand when you’re hungry.

The sight of fishermen landing their catches is an intriguing one for visitors.  A remarkable variety of fish are caught in local waters to be hauled up in baskets from the boat’s hold at the fish markets. Better still, take a boat trip out fishing and catch your very own supper!

Leave room for a Cornish Cream Tea.  Other regions claim the cream tea as their own, but our Cream Tea is unquestionably the best of all.  The ‘proper job’ in Cornwall is to first spread jam on two halves of a Cornish ‘split’, or scone, and then pile on the clotted cream.