Flora and fauna…

West Penwith with its three seas, rugged coastal headlands with cliffs and stacks, open heaths and moors, farmland, and the sheltered sandy bays and estuaries, is important for wildlife and offers great opportunities to get close to nature.  The air is clear and clean giving spectacular views and a healthy environment in which to enjoy it.

The confluence of the English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea off West Penwith, makes this one of the richest districts in England for sea life. About 10 species of cliff nesting seabirds come here in varying numbers to breed and the area supports important populations of species such as shag as well as good numbers of species such as fulmar, razorbill and guillemot.   Grey seals breed and are a regular sight around the coast.  During migration, hundreds of thousands of seabirds pass these shores including a significant proportion of the world’s gannets, kittiwakes, Manx and Balearic shearwaters.  These enjoy our plankton-rich seas with a wide variety of other marine life including bottle-nosed dolphin, harbour porpoise, basking shark and turtle.

There is a lot more to life in Penwith, if you take a bit more time to look, listen and take it all in.   Tread gently though, as you are sharing your holiday with lots of wildlife, some fragile, others rare or disappearing.